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Create has been professionally designing and creating websites since 2000. Our specialty is designing and maintaining websites for businesses in and around Queenstown, especially in the tourism sector and offering affordable start-up packages for new small businesses.
We have a strong background in Tourism, having been employed in the Queenstown Tourism industry since 1994. Before that a strong Retail background allows us the vision to create a website that is pleasing to the eye and promotes goods or services in a professional and easy to follow manner.

Create's philosophy
Simple, sharp looking, easy to use. Our philosophy is to build a website formed from the clients' needs and visions. We offer technical advice along the way. The end result is a website that is clean (as in not cluttered), easy for people to find their way around and reflects your branding and business. We prefer not to use too much flashy stuff (although we can if you want to!), rather we make use of selected powerful images to be attractive to the eye, but not detract from the purpose of the website. This also assists in keeping your website low in content, allowing clients faster download times.

What do we do?
Create uses a Web design software program called Dreamweaver to create your site and send the files to the server that hosts your site so that they can be viewed on the net. We also have an extensive knowledge of HTML, the programming code behind a webpage, which assists us in making a webpage look exactly how you want. We utilize a graphics program called Fireworks to create Navigation bars, animations and extra graphics if needed. In addition to creating your site, we offer search engine submission and full hosting options.

What do you need to provide?
As much as possible! The more information that we have the easier and faster it can be to create your website. In general, the following is preferred, in electronic format if possible (emailed or on CD):
- Branding, images, fonts and colours used in your business.
- Word or excel documents of the text you want on your page (if you are listing prices etc, a table or spreadsheet is very easy to transfer to a similar format on a web page).
- Sketches of how you envisage the website looking.
- Examples of other competitor's websites, or even just ones that you like the look of.
- A list of key words that potential clients may use to find your business on a search engine.

Create also specializes in Animation, everything from simple web graphics to claymation. Animation can spark up your website, be a whole load of fun and add interest. For examples of our animations, click here.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to discuss anything further, we offer free quotes and initial consultation.

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